Snowflake Nail Stamping

People often ask me how I do my nails, and usually have no idea what I’m talking about when I say “stamping plate” or try to explain the process. I did some simple winter nails, so I recorded a short video of myself doing the stamping for anyone who was curious.

I started by painting my nails with a base coat (not shown in the video) and then painted the whole nail with OPI “I saw..u saw..we saw.. warsaw”, which is the dark blue color. For the stamping process you need a plate, a stamper, and a scraper. The stamping plate I used was the Winstonia W120 which I purchased in a bundle on Amazon, and it includes 3 different snowflakes. I use a clear stamper which was also purchased on Amazon. Stampers originally came in color, but clear is becoming the norm, because they allow you to look through the stamper and see exactly where you are placing the design onto the nail (which you can see when I do the ring finger). Most stampers come with a scraper, but I personally don’t think they work very well. I use a fake credit card – one of the ones that they send in the mail advertisements. It works much better and takes off all the polish around the design.

First, you paint the polish over the design you want to use. Then scrape the excess – I use a tissue or paper towel to scrape onto. Then, you have to be quick to pick up the design onto the stamper and transfer it to your nail. Certain polishes dry too quickly, making it hard to use for stamping. I used Wet n’ Wild “French White Creme” and Essie “No Place Like Chrome” which both work very well. For the accent nail I used OPI Liquid Sand “Get Your Number”.

Here is the final product!