My Makeup Storage

My “vanity” is actually a tall computer desk that I found on Craigslist for $10. When I got it, I fully intended to actually use it as a computer desk, but I think I got excited to move in to a new apartment with enough room to keep my makeup in something other than boxes that I carry back and forth to the bathroom, and it just kind of took over. The only thing wrong with it was some white sticker material stuck to it, but it looks great other than that, and is fully functional.


On the top shelf, I keep my nail polish and extra makeup bags. I made the shelf using cardboard and a Youtube tutorial, and painted it blue with some glitter. It is actually a lot more sturdy than it seems, and is great for holding my polish. My collection is starting to grow a little too big, however. IMG_2279.JPG

On the next shelf down I keep setting sprays, some hair products, sunscreen, and the plethora of perfume samples I get from Sephora Play! IMG_2280.JPG

All of my acrylic organizers came from Burlington and TJ Maxx – super cheap and look just the same as the expensive ones .

This one I keep all my bullet lipsticks, lipliners, and a couple powder products.

On top I keep foundations and a couple miscellaneous products, and in the drawers I have a few eyeshadow singles, some small palettes, blush, and bronzer.

Over here I keep primers, concealers, mascaras, and some skincare items.

For my brushes (which badly need to be cleaned) I have a brush holder from Target, and a little bucket that I’m not sure where it came from. I also have another brush holder from Target to keep my liquid lipsticks and longer tubes.

Last but not least, my palettes go in the part that pulls out, meant for a keyboard.
img_2290(Let me once again say, Modern Renaissance is the best.)

And that’s everything! I love having the space to display my makeup, and have a place to sit and relax as I apply it every morning. Drawers work great for some people, but I have really enjoyed having it all out in front of me to look at. I think it helps me use the full range of my collection without forgetting about anything I own.

How do you store your makeup? Any tips or tricks?


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