Sephora Play! February 2017

Sephora Play! is a monthly box for $10. Each month you get 5 products, and a perfume sample. You also receive a card for 50 bonus beauty insider points if you buy something in store.

February 2017 Sephora Play! There are generally a few different box variations that get sent out, and this month I got box 575.


I like the bag, and the overall Valentine’s theme.

What I got:

  • Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence perfume sample – full size retails for $97 for 1.7 oz, sample is .04 oz worth $2.28
  • Nars Velvet Lip Glide in the shade Bound – full size is $26 for .2 oz, sample is 0.07 oz worth $9.10  
  • Lashcraft Length and Volume Mascara – full size is $12 for .33 oz, sample is .094 oz worth $3.42  
  • Origins GinZing eye cream – full size is $30 for .5 oz, sample is .17 oz worth $10.20
  • Clinique Pep Start hydroblur moisturizer – full size is $29.50 for 1.7 oz, sample is .24 oz worth $4.16
  • Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy in the shade Milkshake – full size is $22 for .14 oz, sample is .03 oz worth $4.71

Total value of this month’s box – $33.87

My quick first impressions:

  • Marc Jacobs perfume – I always love his perfumes and this is no different. It has a vanilla-y scent and I can see myself using this sample quickly.
  • Nars and Too Faced lip glosses – I was disappointed to get 2 lipglosses in the same box, because I’m not a gloss girl. The Too Faced one is a cream color, which I imagine shows up clear on the lips. I didn’t do a lip swatch because I plan to give it away. I did however like the Nars lipgloss, because it can be opaque on the lips, and shows up as a dark nude. I am going to try wearing this since my lips have been too dry for matte lipsticks lately.
  • Lashcraft Mascara – it has a unique brush that I’ve never seen before. It is almost flat on one side, and wide on the other. I was able to start on the flat side and curl to the wide side to get a long, feathery effect.
  • Origins Ginzing eye cream – it has a color to it, which has an illuminating effect under the eyes. It looked good after I applied it, but unfortunately gave me a burning effect in my eyes that I have never experienced with an eye cream before, so I will not be using this again!
  • Clinique Pep Start moisturizer – I have tried this in the past and I really love the Pep Start line. This is good morning moisturizer, because it isn’t heavy and dries into the skin quickly, making it good to apply underneath makeup.

Overall thoughts: this was more of an off month for me. I wish they included a different type of lip product instead of 2 glosses, and I’m disappointed the eye cream burned my eyes. I will probably only be using 3 of the items regularly, but will be giving the Nars lip gloss a try and may end up wearing it more than I expect.

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Ipsy February 2017

Ipsy is a $10 subscription in which every month you receive 5 products and a makeup bag.



  • Dermadeli Rejuvenating Toner – not sure of sample size – full size is 4 oz and retails for $24.99 – I would estimate this sample is worth around $6
  • Luxie 514 Blush Brush – (love this brand!) retails for $18
  • IBY Beauty Highlighter in the shade Bubbly – full size – retails for $12
  • Elizabeth Mott Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer – .7 g  – full size is 8 g and retails for $25, making this sample worth $2.18
  • NYX Butter Lipstick in the shade Ripe Berry – full size – retails for $6
  • Total estimated value of this months bag – $44.18 – another month with great value!

    I like that I got 3 full size products this month. One thing I’m not as fond of with Ipsy is getting a lot of unknown or online only brands. I find the quality to be more hit or miss than well known brands, and I also find if I do enjoy something, I’d rather buy in store than having to repurchase online.

    I was super happy with the brush, and will definitely be trying the highlighter and bronzer, though just from swatching, the bronzer seems similar to other products I already own. I will use the toner, but didn’t find it to be anything special. I am going to pass on trying the NYX Butter Lipstick, because I have tried the line in the past, and am just not as much of a fan of sheer lipsticks. I prefer to use lipsticks that are fully opaque and long lasting. I will be passing it along, or trading it.

    Overall, this month was just so-so for me. It would have been more of a miss, but the brush definitely made a positive impact for me.

What did you get in your bag this month?

My Sephora Makeover Experience

I’ve gotten my makeup done a few times at Sephora, and wanted to share the experience for people who never have.

At Sephora, you can get a custom makeover with any $50 purchase, and you can also get a free makeover when you qualify for VIB (which I did in December, so I was getting my free makeover today). Since I am getting married in July, I wanted to start getting some ideas of how do to my makeup for my wedding.

The girls are always really nice and always ask before they do anything. They will ask you a lot of questions to get to know your style and what you’re looking for, and will explain how to do each step as they do it, so you can replicate it on your own  at home. At the end, if there’s anything you love they can put it in a basket for you to purchase, and are also really great about giving samples of anything else. For example, I loved the foundation she put on me, but I wanted to make sure it would last all day before I purchased it, so I got a sample instead.

Here are some suggestions for going into a makeover:

1) Have an idea of what you want – you don’t need to know exactly, but know if you want soft or bold, full coverage or natural, etc. Having pictures of what you want is a great idea too.

2) Be willing to try new things. They will always ask what you want, but if they make a suggestion and it’s not how you normally do your makeup, I would suggest giving it a try and seeing if you like it. It’s a good opportunity to see how something different would look, rather than looking the same as you always do. You never know, you may be surprised at how much you love it!

3) If there’s something you don’t like – TELL THEM! They do makeup on tons of different kinds of people every day, and everyone has different preferences. They may like what they did on you, but if it’s not your style, they won’t be offended at all if you ask them to change it. I’ve seen people post about a bad experience, but never asked their artist to fix something they didn’t like. It can’t get fixed if they don’t know you hate it.


This was how my makeup ended up today. I really liked it! For my wedding the only thing I think I will change is the lip color to something a bit lighter, but I love how luminous my skin looks, and while you can’t see it in the photo she used Urban Decay Razor Sharp eyeliner in Space Cowboy (a gold shade) which I ended up loving and purchasing. I will also probably go back for the blush at some point – Hourglass Luminous Flush.

I recommend letting someone else do your makeup, especially if there’s a time that you know you are already going to spend $50. I enjoy seeing what others would do to my face, and I always learn helpful techniques and tips that I’m able to use on my own.