Peacock Feather Nails


This week I did some peacock feather nail stamping using Born Pretty stamping plateBP-75.

Polishes used:

  • Essie Good as Gold
  • Formula X Warrior
  • Formula X High Frequency

Mixed Metals New Year’s Eve Nails

For my New Year’s Eve nails this year, I decided to mix some gold and silver to match the dress I’ll be wearing. I also liked the idea of doing something different on every nail. 

I love how they turned out! (Unfortunately my left thumb nail and my right pointer finger both suffered tragedies earlier this week ☹️) 

Nail polishes used:

  • Essie Good As Gold
  • Essie No Place Like Chrome
  • Broadway Nail Art Paint Silver Glitter
  • Formula X Corner Office 
  • B.m.c. Straight Up Black 

I used Winstonia stamping plates w117 and w107, as well as a dotting tool and small nail brush. 

My favorite beauty products of 2016

As the year is drawing to a close, I wanted to post about my tried and true products that I discovered or used during 2016. Most of these products were released before 2016, but were either new to me this year, or were products I used consistently from January to December.


Smashbox BB Water
I always lean toward sheer or light coverage foundations, as I don’t have a need for heavy coverage, but do like to wear a base to make my blush and highlight stand out. However, a trend I have found with light coverage and dewy foundations, is they are not as long lasting. I sampled this foundation near the beginning of the year, and remember getting home and still clearly being able to see my blush on my cheeks and my skin looking great. I was so used to everything fading during the day that I stopped noticing it, until trying a new base. I do generally wear primer and setting spray or powder, but even without it, this tends to last all day.



Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in the shade Mood Exposure 
I actually purchased this in 2015, but have not stopped wearing it since. It is the perfect natural looking blush that blends so flawlessly into the skin. This was SO pricey for me at the time, and I only purchased it because it was my birthday and I was getting a makeover at Sephora. When I saw it on my cheeks I immediately told the associate I wanted to buy it. After all the use I have gotten from it, I will repurchase in a heartbeat when I’m out.


I’m a girl that loves to glow, so I have 2 in this category.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed in the shade Opal 
I have a mini of this that I purchased in a set that also came with the liquid version. This has a pink-y tone to it, and makes me feel so glowy and beautiful.


The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer
This one is a more white toned highlighter so I use this when I want to really shine. There is a ton of product in this pan, even after using it several times a week for over a year – it would take YEARS to use this up.


I don’t go a day without wearing lipstick, so I have quite a few favorites.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the shade Cruella
This came in a set for the Sephora birthday gift of 2015, and it’s my perfect red. I’m not a huge fan of bright tones on myself, so while I love red lipstick, I prefer a warm toned, dark shade of red. I loved this so much that I traded some of my beauty box samples for 2 more, so I won’t run out.


Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips
As a teacher, my biggest priority in a lipstick is something I won’t have to reapply during the day, simply because I don’t have time. That usually happens to be something in a matte finish, which works, but also starts to leave my lips pretty dry. I am a huge fan of the brand Colourpop (the only downside being you can only buy online), and highly recommend their Lippie Stix in a matte finish, and their Lippie Pencils (lipliners), which are all very long lasting and come in a wide variety of colors. My favorite product, however, is the ultra satin lips. They apply like a regular liquid lipstick, but have a satin finish. They do have some transfer when first applied, but don’t make the color disappear from your lips, and eventually dry down. They are a lot more comfortable than a matte liquid lipstick, which makes them great for winter.


Bite Matte Creme Lip Crayon in the shade Aubergine 
I purchased this last year on New Year’s Eve and have just about used the entire tube. It’s a great bold berry shade, and I like the crayon style for application. I also strangely love that it smells like lemon.


And swatches of all of them:


Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette 
This is a fairly new palette that sold out when it was released, so while I just purchased it in early November, it’s already a favorite that I haven’t put down. It made me fall in love with warm red and orange eyeshadow looks, as well as gave me an appreciation for mattes. It’s versatile -you can go soft and romantic pink, intense and deep red, or neutral. The quality of the shadows is fantastic in both pigment and blendability. The only worry I have about this palette is that the shadows are quite soft, and I have seen people pan the shades pretty quickly.

Too Faced Better Than Sex
This is the best mascara I have found that gives me the most length, as well as the most volume – not just one or the other. I really like the brush and the formula, and I like that it isn’t hard to remove.


Essie Good as Gold
This is a great opaque but not chunky glittery gold, which also works amazingly for stamping! I’m not a huge fan of Essie’s brush, but this polish is the perfect consistency to make it work.


Pond’s Dry Skin Cream 
I have extremely dry, dehydrated skin and I use this every night before bed. It makes my skin feel soft and hydrated, and is super affordable!

And here is a look I put together using most of the products. I’m wearing Colourpop Frick n’ Frack on my lips, and Urban Decay Perversion mascara on my lashes.



What were your favorite products this year?

Snowflake Nail Stamping

People often ask me how I do my nails, and usually have no idea what I’m talking about when I say “stamping plate” or try to explain the process. I did some simple winter nails, so I recorded a short video of myself doing the stamping for anyone who was curious.

I started by painting my nails with a base coat (not shown in the video) and then painted the whole nail with OPI “I saw..u saw..we saw.. warsaw”, which is the dark blue color. For the stamping process you need a plate, a stamper, and a scraper. The stamping plate I used was the Winstonia W120 which I purchased in a bundle on Amazon, and it includes 3 different snowflakes. I use a clear stamper which was also purchased on Amazon. Stampers originally came in color, but clear is becoming the norm, because they allow you to look through the stamper and see exactly where you are placing the design onto the nail (which you can see when I do the ring finger). Most stampers come with a scraper, but I personally don’t think they work very well. I use a fake credit card – one of the ones that they send in the mail advertisements. It works much better and takes off all the polish around the design.

First, you paint the polish over the design you want to use. Then scrape the excess – I use a tissue or paper towel to scrape onto. Then, you have to be quick to pick up the design onto the stamper and transfer it to your nail. Certain polishes dry too quickly, making it hard to use for stamping. I used Wet n’ Wild “French White Creme” and Essie “No Place Like Chrome” which both work very well. For the accent nail I used OPI Liquid Sand “Get Your Number”.

Here is the final product!