Ipsy April 2017

This month was definitely the cutest bag so far! I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s so adorable. I want to find a way to attach a wrist strap so I can carry it as a wallet.

FullSizeRender (3)

I got:

  • Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush – retails for $5
  • Ofra Cosmetics Rendezvous Blush – .14 oz – full size refill pan – retails for $12
  • Defy and Inspire Nail Lacquer in the shade Paradise Island – full size – retails for $7.49
  • Skin&Co Face Toner – 1 oz – full size is 6.7 oz and retails for $27 – sample worth $4.03
  • Tony Moly Liptone Lip Care Stick – 3.5 g – full size – retails for $10

    Total value of products: $38.52

    This was not necessarily my favorite month for products, but how much I love the bag kind of makes up for it.

    I think the brush is really cool, and definitely one of those items that brings back the nostalgia. For a blush brush, it’s probably too small for my taste, but I can use it for contouring or bronzing just fine.

    I am not planning to use the blush, just because I have too many already, and will give this away to a good home. I will try the nail polish, but it’s similar to other colors I own, so I’m not super excited about it. So far I like the toner and lip balm. I don’t typically use toner, but I have started using it at a night and it makes my skin feel extra clean after washing. The lip balm is really smooth and nice, and I could see myself using it up quickly. Overall, a very so-so bag, but still some solid products I will use, and I will continue subscribing.

    Someone please let me know if you have any ideas for how to turn the zipper slider into a wrist strap!




Ipsy March 2017 – Sample Values and Mini Reviews


This month’s bag is gorgeous! I love the little card that came with it.

I got:

  • Eyeko Fat Brow Liquid Liner .12 oz – Full size! – worth $22
  • eva-nyc Mane Magic 10-in-1 primer 1 oz – full size is 6 oz and retails for $14- sample worth $2.33
  • Neogen Coconut Milk Pure  Mild Cleanser .84 oz – full size is 16 oz and retails for $31 – sample worth $1.63
  • Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in the shade Delish .034 oz – full size is .2 oz and retails for $20 – sample worth $3.40
  • Skone blending brush  – worth $18
    • Total value: $47.63    Paid: $10

Mini reviews/first impressions: 

  • Brow liner – really interesting and something I haven’t seen or tried before. I was really wary after swatching this because on my hand it turned out almost gray, but somehow on my brows it fills them in and blends with my skintone and my hairs and magically works really well. I’m going to keep trying this and maybe do a full review.
  • Mane Magic hair primer – I sprayed this in my hair after washing it, when it was still damp. It smells AMAZING and gave my hair some softness and smoothness. I have really dry hair, and it did help in that department, but not as intense as using pure argan oil on the hair.
  • Coconut Milk cleanser – I tried using it to take off makeup, and it didn’t get everything off, but as a cleanser after removing makeup I liked it. It’s definitely very gentle and my skin felt hydrated after I used it. Definitely something I will continue to use.
  • Tarteist Quick Dry Lip Paint – I haven’t tried this formula before (I love the creamy lip paints), but so far I like it. It is drying, like all matte liquid lipsticks you will find, but I enjoy the color. It’s a mauve-y pink, and although I have a few similar colors, this is nice and I will definitely wear it. I’m a huge fan of liquid lipsticks, so if you are not, you may find this too drying.
  • Skone blending brush – very happy with this! I can always use more eye brushes and this is really soft and blends nicely for the crease and outer corners of eyeshadow. I love getting brushes from ipsy!

    This month was definitely a win for me for Ipsy. I am much happier with my bags this time around than I was before I unsubscribed. From my experience, really narrowing down your survey is what’s best. Instead of selecting that I was interested in a lot of items, I chose 1-2 answers for each question and have stuck to getting the things I want most, rather than just things I kind of like.

Ipsy February 2017

Ipsy is a $10 subscription in which every month you receive 5 products and a makeup bag.



  • Dermadeli Rejuvenating Toner – not sure of sample size – full size is 4 oz and retails for $24.99 – I would estimate this sample is worth around $6
  • Luxie 514 Blush Brush – (love this brand!) retails for $18
  • IBY Beauty Highlighter in the shade Bubbly – full size – retails for $12
  • Elizabeth Mott Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer – .7 g  – full size is 8 g and retails for $25, making this sample worth $2.18
  • NYX Butter Lipstick in the shade Ripe Berry – full size – retails for $6
  • Total estimated value of this months bag – $44.18 – another month with great value!

    I like that I got 3 full size products this month. One thing I’m not as fond of with Ipsy is getting a lot of unknown or online only brands. I find the quality to be more hit or miss than well known brands, and I also find if I do enjoy something, I’d rather buy in store than having to repurchase online.

    I was super happy with the brush, and will definitely be trying the highlighter and bronzer, though just from swatching, the bronzer seems similar to other products I already own. I will use the toner, but didn’t find it to be anything special. I am going to pass on trying the NYX Butter Lipstick, because I have tried the line in the past, and am just not as much of a fan of sheer lipsticks. I prefer to use lipsticks that are fully opaque and long lasting. I will be passing it along, or trading it.

    Overall, this month was just so-so for me. It would have been more of a miss, but the brush definitely made a positive impact for me.

What did you get in your bag this month?

Ipsy Bag January 2017

For those of you who don’t know, Ipsy is a monthly beauty bag. The cost is $10 and you receive a makeup bag with 5 products.

I have been subscribed to Ipsy in the past, and unsubscribed because I wasn’t getting enough products I was using. I decided to give it another try, and made a new account. I have heard the trick to getting what you want is to only choose 1 or 2 things in each category on your survey, so I tried to really narrow down what I’d like to receive

This month I got:


  • Ciaté London Geology Top Coatsupposed to be a long wearing, gloss shine top coat.
  • It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer – that’s a mouthful! I have never once tried a product from It Cosmetics, but have heard amazing things about their concealer and bb cream. I’m excited to try this, and will be checking back in with results
  • The Balm Bahama Mama Bronzer – A little disappointed by how small the sample is for a bronzer – I’m not sure how I can fit a bronzer brush into it
  • Modelco Blush in the shade Peach Bellini – I own one of these, and although it doesn’t have the shade on the packaging, I believe it’s a different one. I like the formula, so I’ll be glad to try this one out!
  • Jelly Pong Pong Lip Scrub – I am pretty excited to get a product like this in a beauty bag, and it came at the perfect time of year

My problem with Ipsy in the past was that I was getting a lot of products that, although they retailed for a high price, were not good quality products or reliable brands. This month’s bag has a good personal value to me, because I will use every single product. I broke down the value of each product by taking the retail price of the full size, and scaling it down to the size of the sample. Here is the value of my bag.

  •  Ciate top coat – 0.46 fl oz (full size!) – Retails for $17
  •  It Cosmetics Concealer – 0.05 fl oz (full size is 0.28 oz for $24) – Value is $4.29
  • The Balm Bahama Mama – 0.57 grams (full size is 7.08 grams for $20) – Value is $1.61
  • Model Co Blush – 3.5 grams (full size is 8 grams for $22) – Value is $9.63
  •  Jelly Pong Pong Lip Scrub – 0.35 oz (full size!) Retails for $19

Total value:  $51.53   Price: $10
It also includes a makeup bag, which makes the value increase even a little more! This was an amazing bag, and I am hoping I continue to get high quality products. After my Sephora Play box comes in, I am going to do a comparison in products and value, and will update on my thoughts of the products.