My favorite Beauty Youtubers

When I started out in makeup, I often turned to YouTube to teach me how to use products and learn techniques. There are some youtubers that I still watch religiously, and turn to for reviews before heading out to buy something. Here are some of my favorites, and why I love them.

Tati has a special place in my heart because she was the first beauty guru I started watching on a regular basis. She puts out new content Monday – Friday, and does an extremely good job keeping up with new products. I mostly go to her for reviews, and thorough product tests (from drugstore to luxury), but she also does some “get ready with me” videos and usually joins in the fun trends such as “my boyfriend does my voiceover”.

This is someone I go to for reviews and recommendations. One of my favorite things she does is side by side lipstick comparisons, wearing 2 lipsticks of the same color at the same time, and checking in throughout the day with which one is wearing better. On top of her great videos, she has such a sweet personality. She is French Canadian, so a lot of people say her accent takes some getting used to, but she is definitely worth a watch!

JKissa is so creative and so skilled with eyeshadow. I love looking to her for specific tutorials, as well as general techniques that she uses to create her looks. She doesn’t wear foundation, so she is also great for people that want to make face makeup work without foundation.

She is one of the most well known beauty gurus out there, so most people that are into beauty have heard of her. She has a great personality, and is someone I love listening to, even if she isn’t talking about makeup. Her makeup is very every day wearable for the average person, and her tutorials are easy to follow, and can be used even if you don’t have the same products. She showcases a ton of different products in her videos, and gives lots of reviews. My criticism of her is that she’s TOO nice and doesn’t really emphasize the cons of products- which if I’m spending my money on something, I want to know everything.

She is so great! She is an average woman who everyone can relate to, and she works so hard to make helpful and informative videos. She is also a very well known guru. Detailed reviews are a huge strongpoint of her channel, and if I’m contemplating buying something, she’s someone I would look to for info. She’s currently doing her annual “Emily Awards” so it’s a great time to subscribe and check out her top 10 products in each category.

Kimberly Clark is a drag queen who not only talks about makeup, but also does a lot of informative and thoughtful videos on current events and social issues. She is most well known for her “Anti-Haul” videos, which instead of showing off what she bought, she talks about what she’s NOT going to buy. It’s a great reminder that the makeup industry is constantly throwing new products at us, and we don’t need to buy all of them! Her voice is often in my head “I DON’T need it, and I’m NOT gonna buy it!” She has a few series, one being “Listen Up” in which she talks about different issues and gives her viewpoint. Another one she does is “What Happened to Your Face” where she looks at her makeup after a long night, and describes what she’s wearing and how it held up, which is very helpful! She also does reviews, nail tutorials, and other miscellaneous fun videos. I always look forward to new videos from her, and always love hearing what she has to say! She has a fairly subscriber base, and is a great person to check out.

Who are your favorite Youtube beauty gurus?