Ipsy March 2017 – Sample Values and Mini Reviews


This month’s bag is gorgeous! I love the little card that came with it.

I got:

  • Eyeko Fat Brow Liquid Liner .12 oz – Full size! – worth $22
  • eva-nyc Mane Magic 10-in-1 primer 1 oz – full size is 6 oz and retails for $14- sample worth $2.33
  • Neogen Coconut Milk Pure  Mild Cleanser .84 oz – full size is 16 oz and retails for $31 – sample worth $1.63
  • Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in the shade Delish .034 oz – full size is .2 oz and retails for $20 – sample worth $3.40
  • Skone blending brush  – worth $18
    • Total value: $47.63    Paid: $10

Mini reviews/first impressions: 

  • Brow liner – really interesting and something I haven’t seen or tried before. I was really wary after swatching this because on my hand it turned out almost gray, but somehow on my brows it fills them in and blends with my skintone and my hairs and magically works really well. I’m going to keep trying this and maybe do a full review.
  • Mane Magic hair primer – I sprayed this in my hair after washing it, when it was still damp. It smells AMAZING and gave my hair some softness and smoothness. I have really dry hair, and it did help in that department, but not as intense as using pure argan oil on the hair.
  • Coconut Milk cleanser – I tried using it to take off makeup, and it didn’t get everything off, but as a cleanser after removing makeup I liked it. It’s definitely very gentle and my skin felt hydrated after I used it. Definitely something I will continue to use.
  • Tarteist Quick Dry Lip Paint – I haven’t tried this formula before (I love the creamy lip paints), but so far I like it. It is drying, like all matte liquid lipsticks you will find, but I enjoy the color. It’s a mauve-y pink, and although I have a few similar colors, this is nice and I will definitely wear it. I’m a huge fan of liquid lipsticks, so if you are not, you may find this too drying.
  • Skone blending brush – very happy with this! I can always use more eye brushes and this is really soft and blends nicely for the crease and outer corners of eyeshadow. I love getting brushes from ipsy!

    This month was definitely a win for me for Ipsy. I am much happier with my bags this time around than I was before I unsubscribed. From my experience, really narrowing down your survey is what’s best. Instead of selecting that I was interested in a lot of items, I chose 1-2 answers for each question and have stuck to getting the things I want most, rather than just things I kind of like.


Wet n Wild New Cushion Highlighter and Lipstick

Wet n Wild recently came out with a new line of cushion products, which is now available on their website and at Walgreens. They have a highlighter ($5.99), a contour ($5.99), 4 shades of color corrector ($5.99), and 3 matte lip creams ($4.99). Today I was able to pick up the highlighter and one of the lip shades (Bubblegum in Paradise) at Walgreens. I was curious to try them, and to see what a cushion lipstick entails.
dsc_0054This is the packaging before it’s open. I have to say Wet n Wild seems to have been stepping up it’s game lately. They have put out a lot of new products, and these are something different than you would typically find in the drugstore. The packaging is adorable – I love the design, and it is something new from what we typically see from Wet n Wild.

dsc_0062These are the opened products. The highlighter comes with a black sponge that you dip into the cushion to pick up the product, which is wet in the container. The black lid screws on. For the lipstick, it is a squeeze tube with a “cushion” applicator – which is really just a regular sponge tip.

First I swatched the highlighter. I tried it 3 ways – with the applicator it came with (top), with a real techniques sponge (middle), and with a brush(bottom). I also photographed it with and without flash. It swatches as a pearlescent glow with pink tones to it.

I think it applied most densely with the black sponge applicator (top), so if you wanted the most intense highlight it would be the best way to apply it, or with another dry sponge. If you wanted a more subtle, sheered out glow, you could use a wet sponge or brush and blend more into the skin.

IMG_2395.JPGIt looks good on the skin! It isn’t too intense, but you can definitely see it in direct light. This is something I would wear on an every day basis, or even if I just wanted to add a little something to my skin on days I don’t wear foundation.

I was more disappointed with the lipstick, because the applicator made it hard to work with. I first swatched it on my arm – if you apply in a swiping motion (bottom) you will get a sheer wash of color. If you wanted it fully pigmented and opaque, you would need to apply in a dabbing motion to build up the color in each spot.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

I applied it to my lips, which I found difficult because the sponge applicator is too big and round to get precision in the edges and corners of the lips. I did have to go back and clean up any messy areas.

It does look matte on the lips, but feels mousey and does not dry down. The color also wasn’t what I was expecting from looking at the tube. This isn’t a lip product I would find myself reaching for or wanting to use, because it isn’t easy to apply, and because there is transfer, I would be reapplying at least a few times throughout the day. At the $5 price point, I would much rather go for a Colourpop ultra satin lip, which I can throw on easily in the morning and not worry about for the rest of the day. Wet n Wild also has the new Liquid Catsuit lipsticks, which have a much better applicator, dry down, and last well. They are also $4.99, so you would be much better off grabbing one of those.

I will definitely be using the highlighter more, and I think I may pick up the contour or color correctors if I can find them! The highlighter and contour do only come in one shade, so these aren’t something that will work for everyone. For darker skinned people, the highlighter will be too light, and from what I can see, the contour seems to be too dark for people with very pale skin.

Has anyone else tried these new products? What did you think?

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